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What are your Terms & Conditions?

I understand and agree to all of these terms and conditions upon purchasing:

I have read the returns as shipping policy page.

I understand that DUE TO COVID-19 there may be a delay in my delivery. It may take 5 to 7 business days OR MORE to receive my order. 

I confirm that my purchase is correct (quantity, spelling, initial, chain length and finish). I understand that if I change my order during processing that it will cause a cancellation or delay in my shipping/receiving.

I confirm that the shipping and email address entered at checkout are correct.

I understand that House of B Jewels is not responsible for any lost, damaged or delayed deliveries from USPS. I agree that I will not hold House of B Jewels responsible for issues related to USPS shipping and delivery (including lost, damaged or delayed items). I understand that once House of B Jewels provides a tracking number and the package is turned over to USPS, I must contact USPS directly to resolve shipping delays, lost orders or items that are received damaged. 

I understand that I will not receive an email response to any question that is already answered on the website. 

I understand that jewelry is delicate and my purchase requires proper care. Care tips can be viewed here.  House of B Jewels is not responsible for how I wear and/or treat my product.